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Selling and Buying Your Apartment

Selling and Buying Your Leasehold Apartment


What services do you provide?

We provide pre-sales information in the form of an LPE1 to enable you to sell your flat. We also answer any other queries that may arise in relation to the sale of your property.

We make sure that incoming purchasers are compliant with the terms of the lease during the purchase of your property ensuring that legal compliance is assured.

What is an LPE1?

An LPE1 – which stands for Leasehold Property Enquiries – is a document used to obtain information about a leasehold property, such as specific details regarding ground rent, management of the building, service charges, any other costs associated with the property, as well as any issues that may exist or costs that may be incurred with the property in the near future.

What are your timescales for providing information?

Typically, LPE1s and information packs can take up to 5 days from receipt of payment. Post Completion processing can take a little longer, as we are dependent on the purchaser’s solicitor providing us with the relevant paperwork, which can take up to 6 weeks. However, once we receive the paperwork, we endeavour to update our records within 3 days, unless the paperwork must be submitted to the freeholder first, which can take even longer.

We also offer a fast-track service for LPE1 forms. These are processed and issued to the solicitors within 2 working days for an additional fee.

Why am I still getting contacted even though I have sold my property?

Whilst you may have informed us that you have sold your property, we cannot legally update our records until the purchaser’s solicitor provides us with a document called a Notice of Transfer or the new owner has provided us with the Land Registry document advising us that they are now the new owners.


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